Roses are generally known for their beauty and it is widely used as an icon of love and passion. But when blended with tea, rose can be also a great source of many health benefits. Rose tea has been mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic scriptures as Gulkand. Rose tea is made from the mixture of boiled rose petals. It is jam packed with various health beneficiary nutrients like Vitamin C, citric acid, pectin and many more. There are many health benefits of drinking rose tea. They are as follows:

1) Immunity booster

Rose tea is a potent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a component that helps to improve our immune system. Rose tea is also full of antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It helps us to make the protective shield of our body better and prevents from getting affected by various viral infections.

2) Prevents Common cold and flu:

Sore throat can be cured by consuming rose tea. The high level of  vitamin C present in rose tea makes it a good home remedy against sore throat. On the other hand its antibacterial properties help to keep ourselves safe from common cold infections.

3) Better Digestion

Rose tea has an amazing effect on improving our digestion system. It has assorted organic acids present in it that makes the digestion system of our body better. It ensures that the wastes of our body are properly removed. By promoting the production of gastric mucosa in our stomach, rose tea improves the production of helpful bacteria. This makes our digestion system work even better.

4) Cures constipation:

Rose tea is laxative in nature. It has a good effect on the people who are suffering from liver related problems. It is a wonderful detoxifying agent. The mixture of its laxative and detoxifying nature makes it a good remedy for constipation. It is also a very good cure for diarrhea.

5) Improves Urinary health:

Consuming two or three cups of rose tea regularly can keep you away from having urinary infections. As a detoxifying drink as well as having diuretic properties, rose tea can maintain the urinary health of your body properly.

6) Reduces stress:

The aroma of rose tea is famous for its refreshing qualities. After a long day at work, drinking a cup of rose tea can wash away all your tiredness and gloominess. It has a very soothing effect on our nervous system. It can balance the emotional hormones in our body and give us a feeling of calmness.

7) Beneficiary for women’s health:

Rose tea can aid women who suffer from severe pain during the time of period. It can relax the muscles of the body and relieve from the pain of muscle cramps. Drinking rose tea during period can also control the flow of the fluids. It is also beneficiary for maternal health and irregular period.

8) Skin care:

Rose tea is a strong antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antiseptic agent at the same time. It helps your skin from being affected by various infections. It also neutralizes the free radicals which cause the aging and rapid death of cells.

Rose tea can maintain the moisture level of your skin. It also promotes the collagen production in your skin, which keeps the elasticity of the skin better. The antioxidants present in rose tea enables it to clear the wastes and dead skin cells from the skin. Rose tea is enriched with vitamin A and E which hydrates our skin and remove wrinkles and acnes from our skin. It also helps to create a good protection against skin allergies.

9) Weight crusher

Rose tea is very much low in calorie and it is very good fat cell buster. Having a cup of rose tea after lunch or dinner can improve the digestion better. It helps to burn the extra fats and remove the free radicals which causes obesity. It also lowers your craving for sugar and food.