In pursuit of the best anti aging product, you might have experimented with dozens of treatments, creams and lotions. Each one promised smoother skin with less wrinkles and more elasticity. Chances are along the way you encountered some products that worked for you and others didn’t. If you’re still seeking your “holy grail” product, read on. In this question and answer guide you’ll learn the benefits of retinol when combined with a moisturizer.

1. What is retinol?

Retinol is a powerful skin care ingredient derived from vitamin A. Vitamin A comes in two forms: retinoids like retinol and carotenoids like beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is found in many bright red and orange produce.

2. What are some natural sources of vitamin A?

Good questions. It’s always a good idea to fortify your diet with vitamin-rich foods, especially vitamin A. Sources of vitamin A include sweet potato, leafy greens, melon and carrots. While vitamin A is essential to a nutritionally sound diet, excessive consumption should be avoided. Too much beta-carotene can turn the skin an orange-ish color!

3. How does retinol benefit aging skin?

It’s important to realize that retinol is not just for mature skin. It often used for acne and scarring. Retinol benefits almost every skin type by encouraging the production of new, healthy skin cells. Your complexion sloughs off old, dead skin and produces fresh new skin. Of course, this process is incredibly beneficial in removing fine lines and wrinkles. It also kills acne-causing bacteria and lightens scars.

4. How can I incorporate retinol in my skin care regimen?

The easiest way to add retinol to your skin routine is through a moisturizer. Market offers an anti aging wrinkle cream equipped with retinol. The combination of lotion and retinol makes their daily facial cream the best anti aging product. Retinol can make your skin dry, especially at the beginning. It lets you hydrate while removing wrinkles.

5. Are there any precautions I should take when using retinol?

Yes, do not use retinol while pregnant or breast feeding. Realize that this ingredient may make your skin sensitive to the sun. Be sure to be even more vigilant than usual about sun protection.